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Points, Points, Points!

PointsIf you often buy premades then this deal will be for you.

Standard fees for premades are $100 or $150 per cover. When you purchase POINTS you can save up to 50% on each premade!

If you buy 50,000 points, you can use them for example to buy 5 Premade Covers á $100/cover. This way, instead of paying $500 for all 5 covers, you only pay $249. That’s as low as $50/cover.

Of course, you can also use points for differently priced premades, for example:

75,000 points = 5 Premade Covers á $150/cover


75,000 points = 3 Premade Covers á $150/cover + 3 Premade Covers á $100/cover

How does it work?

1. IMPORTANT: Make sure you create an account before you buy any points. The points will be added to your account.
That means you also have to be logged in when making a purchase. Otherwise you can’t redeem any points.

As a ‘thank you’ for registering, you will receive 1,000 points as bonus.

2. Select the number of points you want to purchase, add them to your cart and check out.
Buy Link:
Purchase Points - View Cart

My Account Points Page3. You can always check your points balance by looking up the Points page in your account.

Link (you have to be logged in):

By the way, you also receive points when you purchase vouchers or other items. In case you were in a hurry in the past and used PayPal Express for faster check-out or purchased anything w/o being logged in, points may have not been added. (I did my best, though, to add them manually to your account).

You don’t receive points for free orders, i.e. when your total is $0.00 after applying vouchers, coupons and / or points.

Points Balance

4. When you buy premades, you can apply your points on the Cart page. If you have got a coupon, you can enter it here too. You can use both, coupons and points, to purchase a cover.

Apply Points to Premade Cover

5. You will be asked how many points you like to apply for your order. This means you also have the chance to make only a partial points payment. You are in the driver’s seat and can always decide how you want to spend your points.

How many points would you like to apply?

6. Your points will be applied as payment to your order. All what is left to do now is to complete the check-out process.

Points Redemption

7. In your account, on the Points page, you can also see how many points got redeemed towards purchases.

Points Balance after Purchase

8. Some final notes:

Points can only be used to purchase premade covers, not vouchers or custom cover design.

Because premades can’t be refunded after customization, also points are non-refundable.